Saturday, February 15, 2014

A few stops today...

2 boxes of Corn Pops $3 each
2 boxes of chocolate Frosted Flakes $3 each
1 gallon of white milk $3.69
2 8oz packages shredded sharp cheddar cheese 2/$3

Total before coupons/promo: $18.69

-$3.69 Free milk from Buehler's with purchase of 4 boxes cereal (no coupons needed)
-2 coupons for $1/2 Kellogg cereals from Kellogg Family Rewards email newsletter (free to sign up)

Total after deals/promos:  $13.00  PLUS, I am getting $2.50 back from checkout51 ($1 for 2 Corn Pops, $1 for 2 Frosted Flakes, $0.50 milk) AND $0.50 back from ibotta for getting milk.

**Also at Buehler's, I bought the IAMS dog food bowl for $1.79.  I have separate money for pet food, but this was this week's 100% cash back item from savingstar.

1 trial size Gold bond lotion $0.97
2 boxes Belvita breakfast bars $2.98 each (not a great sale, but I like these for quick breakfast!)
1 bottle VO5 conditioner $1.98
1 loaf wheat bread $1.48
1 package of buns $2.08 (Aldi was out of wheat bread and buns, so I had to pay more to get them here.)

Total before coupons: $12.68

Coupons used:
1 newspaper coupon for $1/2 Belvita
1 internet printed coupon for $1/1 VO5 product
1 newspaper coupon for $1 off any Gold Bond product

Total after coupons:  $9.68, plus I am getting $1.00 back from checkout 51 for the Belvita and $0.50 back from ibotta for the conditioner.

1 box of cheese crackers $1.89
1 bag of french fries    $1.89
1 loaf of white bread $0.89
1 box of mashed potatoes $1.29
1 bag of frozen corn $0.95
1 package broccoli crowns $0.99

Total: $7.90, plus I am getting $0.75 back from checkout 51 ($0.25 for broccoli and $0.50 for any sliced bread)

**Yesterday, I stopped by Rite Aid to pick up 3 12pk of Diet coke.  They were $12.99/3, plus get $2 UP rewards when you bought 3.  I used 3 coupons for Free 12packs that I got from mycokerewards.  I paid the $0.94 tax and got my $2 UP reward for my next purchase.

**Today, I also popped by Collins to pick up some steaks for a late family Valentine's dinner.  I spent $37.95 on the 4 steaks.  Keep in mind that I still had $38.12 left from my January budget and had said I might splurge at some point!

As of today, I still have $288.99 left in the February budget and with today's purchase, have bought the remaining ingredients for the upcoming week's menu.