Sunday, December 29, 2013

Phone apps = cash back!

First, my shopping programs, all of these work on Android or iPhone.  In addition, SavingStar only requires a computer.  I will describe each program.  With these 3, I manage to get back $200+ per year.  I do not add this back into my grocery budget, I use the cashback from these to pay for our netflix and to buy gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

ibotta  (click to sign up and start saving!)

With ibotta, there are certain offers available to redeem.  These offers change often and sometimes include generic offers, such as any brand ice cream or soda.  To earn cash back, you click on the item you wish to purchase and complete tasks, such as posting to facebook or reading a fact about the product.  When you get home from the store, you will need to open ibotta, click on redeem and take a picture of your receipt.  After uploading the pic, you scan the bar code on all the products you are redeeming.  Buehler's shoppers need to enter their Advantage card into the program, which makes everything automatic so you don't have to upload receipts!   Cash credits usually within an hour.  You may transfer it to your paypal account, or redeem for gift certificate, including amazon.  Please check the list of stores before you shop!

Receipt Hog  (click to sign up and start saving)

Receipt hog can be used with any grocery receipt from any store.  I have even submitted Rural King!  With ReceiptHog, you upload pictures of all of your grocery receipts.  Each one earns your points towards paypal or an amazon gift certificate.  You can earn bonus points through spins earned and answering a few questions about products you buy.  This one is a bit slower to earn big bucks than ibotta, but it works at Aldi and anywhere else you buy groceries!

SavingStar  (click to sign up and start saving)

Saving Star is completely automatic.  You sign up for an account, load your loyalty cards and click to add offers to your account.  Currently, you can use SavingStar at Rite Aid, Buehler's, CVS, Kroger and Giant Eagle.  If you live somewhere exciting, there may be more stores available to you.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is for iOS and Android platforms.  Similar to Receipt Hog, you can submit receipts from any store.  The deals are based on certain products, but you do not have to do any tasks to earn them.  Simply shop, upload your receipts and claim your offer.  They mail you a check when you hit $20!

There you go!  4 different programs to give you even more savings on groceries you are buying anyway!  If you have questions about any of them, just shoot me an email or comment below!


First, download the app.  IF you put in my code, GMHCEKRM , you get a FREE Lindt chocolate bar refunded to you!!

A bit about this program.  It did just roll out and like Checkout 51, you can redeem the offers at any store.  The offers are a mix of $ in cash back, Get it for x$ (so they rebate the price over the x$), x% back.  You simply upload your receipt, scan the barcode and wait for the money to hit your account.  Currently, paypal is the only cashout option for Shopmium!

Again, you can combine this with coupons, or with the other apps.  For example, right now, the Belvita soft cookies are on Checkout51, ibotta AND Shopmium.  :)