Monday, December 30, 2013

Progress Check!

Awful quiet around here!  You know you can comment at the bottom of each post?

I just wanted to check on you.  Yes, YOU!  I'm sure you read the first few posts and got really excited!  However, it is a busy time of year AND I have a feeling that the numbers that were staring you in the face were a little bit scary.  Ok, maybe REALLY scary!

So now what are you going to do?  If you do nothing, there is no doubt that those numbers are only going to get worse.  In life, when you just go through motions without paying attention, things always go bad!  Let's decide that we can NOT just ignore what you have started to uncover about your budget!

You MUST face it head on... no matter how it is!  No matter how embarrassed you are!  This has gone on long enough!  You deserve to have control of the money you work so hard to make!

So, progress check time!  Have you done the following things?

1.  Evaluated the past 6 months of spending to create a current budget?
2.  Decided you WILL pay cash only for your groceries?  I promise, it makes a difference in your spending!
3.  Written an inventory of food on hand you could build meals around?
4.  Made a list of meals for the next week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
5. Made a list of actual ingredients you still need to complete your entire week's menu?
6.  Gathered up your shopping bags, cash, quarter for the cart, your list and headed to ALDI?

If not, what is holding you up?  2014 is only 2 days away!!  Let's start the new year off right!  Now log off and get caught up!!