Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closing out the end of the year.....

Well, New Year's Eve has fallen and apparently, we are going to entertain a few people tonight.  We normally do, but with everyone being sick, I really hadn't given it much thought!

Budget buster?  Nope!  Not at all!  Here's the menu and how it's coming together!  Click titles for recipes of Tortilla roll ups, veggie pizza, pizza dip and Buffalo chicken dip!

-Tortilla Roll Ups - bought ingredients to make for Christmas, but didn't have time
-Pizza Dip - last minute change.  Saw it posted and I had everything on hand to whip it up!
-Trail Bologna/Cheese - again, bought too much for Christmas and hadn't cut the other ring of bologna
-Buffalo Chicken Dip - always have ingredients on hand to make this!  It's hubby's favorite!
-Veggie Pizza - using up leftover veggies from Christmas Veggie Tray
-Fresh popcorn - from my fabulous machine hubby bought me last Christmas!
-Pop - have bunches of 2 liters left from recent sales.. though most will be bringing their own adult beverage

By the way, everything above (except Trail Bologna) can be purchased at ALDI!!

If needed, I also just stocked up on DiGiorno Pizzas, so I can toss a few of those in too!

No matter what you are doing this evening, or who you are spending it with, BE SAFE!