Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Back to CVS and Rite Aid

Rite Aid - (Buy $30+ in select P&G products, get $10 UPs)
14 Rolls of Bounty Basic Paper Towels @ $1 each (reg $1.49)
16 bottles of Dawn Dish Soap @ $1 each (reg $1.99)

Total before sales and coupons=  $58.86
Total after sales and before coupons = $32.18

Coupons used were $1 off any Bounty multipack OR 2 any size package AND $1/2 Dawn products.  These coupons were on some Puff multipacks that a friend got and he gave me the coupons.  I also used $5 of my RR from Sunday.  I left the other $10 on my table :(

Total out of pocket:  $12.18, plus I got $10 in UP for spending $30 pre-coupon on select P&G products.  I also had a code for a free magazine subscription printed on the bottom of my receipt for spending $24+ on P&G products.

CVS (Buy $20+ in selected products, get $5 ECB)
Hubby needed some Dt. Dew...
4 Diet Mt. Dew 12packs $12
1 9pk Charmin TP $5.99
3 Dawn $0.99 each

Total before sales and coupons= $37.18
Total after sales, before coupons= $22.48

Coupons used were again from the Puffs multipacks a friend gave me.  I used $1/1 Charmin, $1/2 Dawn and a $0.25/1 Dawn from the P&G insert.  I also used my $2 ECB from last week's shopping.

Total out of pocket:  18.48, plus I earned $5 in ECB.  Not too shabby for a transaction including pop, which is rarely a good deal :)

I can confidently say that I am full up on dish soap!  However, I have been known to share my stash with those I <3 (yes, Brandi, that means YOU!  lol).