Sunday, March 2, 2014

February wrap up

Total Before Coupons & Savings$1,093.85
Total Sale Discount$383.08
Total Coupons Used$235.97
Total Savings$731.80
Total Amount Paid$374.25
Total % Saved66.90%
Total Cashback from apps$33.29
Total Savings with Apps69.94%

The above is the top of the spreadsheet I use to track my spending.  Keep in mind on this spreadsheet, that it only tracks measurable savings.. meaning, I know I save money by shopping at Aldi, but there is really no way to track exactly how much.  Therefore, Aldi trips show 0% savings.  My splurges also had a 0% savings rate, yet I still ended with almost 70% in savings!

This month, we splurged a lot!  Some of you just did a lol, but let me tell you what I bought out of the $374.25 I spent:

-$24 on Girl Scout Cookies
-$36 on a bacon order
-$32 on Crazy Bread from a school fundraiser
-$20+ in candy for my classroom
-$15 on items needed to donate shredded chicken and buns to a biddy basketball tournament
-$38 in steaks for a special Valentine's dinner
-Lots of candy for the Easter Baskets

Obviously, most people aren't geeky enough to want to track every cent they spend.  Personally, I find it very motivating and believe it helps me keep going because I can see the value in the time I spend doing this.  I saved $731.80 + got $33.29 in cash back this month.  What kind of part time job would you need to see that type of money?  I probably spend 2-4 hours per week clipping, sorting, making my shopping list and actually doing my shopping!

I also helps me keep my grocery pouch money balance.  Every once in a while, the boys will ask me for $5 or $10 and I "borrow" from the grocery pouch.  As soon as I see the money in the pouch doesn't match my spreadsheet, I usually remember what I took out and why.

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