Sunday, January 5, 2014

Couponing on January 5, 2014 ...

There are TONS of coupons in today's paper!! FIVE inserts! :)  Don't forget to pick yours up!!

Transaction #1  Hello 90% off Christmas goodies!!
24 bags of plain M&Ms $.43 each
32 bags of pretzel M&Ms $.43 each
2 bags Hershey Kisses $.39 each
3 Coffee Mate creamers $0.41 each
2 Guitars $1.99

Total before coupons:  $30.07, plus $0.29 tax

Coupons used:
28 coupons for $1/2 Mars Holiday products (found in a grocery store blinkie dispenser)
1 CVS ECB for $2

Total Paid:  $0.07, plus $.29 tax for a total of $0.36!!!!  That is a TON of chocolate goodness!!  :)

Transaction #2
6 12pk of Diet Coke 3/$10   = $20
4 8pk of Diet Coke 8oz cans 2/$6 = $12
2 Twix Bars @ $.75 each
2 Nature Valley granola Bars 2/$6
1 Pedia Care $5.99
2 Skinny Cow single chocolate pouches $1.09 each

Total before Coupons: $47.67

Coupons used:
6 coupons for FREE 12pk Coke products (from
4 Internet printed coupons for $0.50/1 8pk of Coke products
1 Internet printed coupon for $0.50/2 Twix
1 CVS coupon for $0.75/1 candy bar printed at their coupon machine in store
2 Intenet printed coupons for $1.25/1 Nature Valley granola bar (No longer available to print)
1 Internet printed coupon for $2/1 Pedia Care from the Pedia Care website
1 coupon from today's paper for 1 buy Skinny Cow, get one free
$10 ECB from last week's Charmin deal
$6 quarterly ECB reward

Total After Coupons: $3.08 Plus, I got the following rewards!

$10ECB back for buying $30 worth of Diet Coke Products (even though I only spent $10!)
$2 ECB back for buying 2 Nature Valley granola bars
$5 ECB back for buying Pedia Care (I actually got paid to buy this to give to a friend!).
$0.50 back from Saving Star for buying 2 boxes of granola bars
$1.09  back from SavingStar for buying SkinnyCow single chocolate

Rite Aid
I had to pop in Rite Aid because I had UP+ rewards that were expiring!  Not a ton of great deals there this week, so...

1 box Finish Dishwasher tabs $3.99
3 packs of Trident Gum $3.00

Total before Coupons: $7.28

Coupons used:
$1/3 Trident coupon from today's Dispatch
$0.25 Rite Aid coupon off Trident (go to and check out video values)
$2.15 coupon from today's Dispatch
$3.50 in UPs rewards from last week's shopping

Total After Coupons: $0.38  Plus I got $1 UP+ reward back on the gum to use next week!

2 Crescent Rolls

Total Before Coupons: $4.44

Coupons used:
2 Internet printables for $0.50/1 crescent rolls (doubled to $1.00 each)

Total After Coupons:  $2.44. Plus, $0.50 back from SavingStar

4 packages of taco seasoning $0.35 each
1 box of flex odor control trash bags $4.99
2 bags of french fries $1.89 each
1 loaf of bread $.85
2 packages of buns $0.89 each
2 boxes of saltine crackers $0.95 each

ALDI total $15.06

All the rest of the goodies above $16.13

So, everything you see in all the pictures cost a total of $37.09, which does not account for $2.09 coming back from SavingStar.  Plus, I already have 2 Christmas gifts for NEXT year :)